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Five Tips to Increase Your Email Click-Through Rates

Email marketing is the perfect tool to increase your website traffic or conversion rates. Email recipients will click the hyperlinks in your well designed email. Here are 5 tips to help you increase your email’s click-through rates: 1. Ensure your emails are opened Admittedly, this sounds obvious, but it isn’t as easy as it seems. […]

You have email subscribers, now what?

SUMMARY: Email subscribers can be skittish and wary, particularly after just signing up for your email list. A recent MarketingSherpa webinar, “Three Strategies to Convert New Subscribers to Loyal Buyers,” focused on three tactics for optimizing your email campaign to create long-term relationships with subscribers. In this webinar recap, learn to ease new subscribers’ fears […]

Using Triggered Email Messages to Entice Your Customers

You can increase client response and eCommerce conversion by using the Triggered Email Message” feature our White Cloud eMail Marketing system.  Here is an example of how one business increased their response: Goldfig Travel caters to both consumers and business customers looking to book high-end, upscale travel. The company’s business clients are unique in that […]

It’s All About Timing of Your Email Sending

If there is any topic that makes a marketer wonder, it’s email launch times. Most marketers don’t want to send on Monday or Friday, fearing their email will be ignored; Mondays feel too early in the workweek, while Fridays are too late. Tuesdays have been noted by many as being the best time for sending […]