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Email Results Reporting Best Reports for Executive Summary

One of the most common client support questions after Black Friday email sending is “What are the best reports to use for a year end Email Program Executive Report?” Well here are some ideas that may help. Of course, the Statistical Charts provides a wealth of Executive Summary type information and charts by date range.  […]

Increase Your Instagram Engagement

How Businesses Can Get More Engagement on Instagram Instagram is definitely the place for pictures. So if your business is a photography studio you should have joined Instagram long back! But, Instagram is not just about who has the best photography it is an awesome way to showcase your brand, tell your story and interact […]

Image Ad Sizing for Websites and Emails

Image Ad Sizing Ready to do some on-line or in email ads?  Call us for assistance.  Here is some information to get your project started.  Here are the standard “acceptable file” formats: .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG Recommended file size limits: 150 KB or less for all files. Standard ad sizing for static ads: 250 x […]

eMail Networks HTML Tips

eMail Networks HTML Tips Checkout these HTML table properties and styles that will help you create a beautiful email message.  If you are trying to solve some specific issues with your messages, please take a look at our HTML Email Design Guidelines. How to add a left-border and right-border to a table and color it. Within the table […]

Slicing Images for HTML Email

Slicing Images for an HTML Email Wondering how to slice an image and put it into an email message? Because “hot spotting” can be problematic we suggest you use this technique if you need to link different parts of the images to different web pages. Below you’ll find directions for how to insert sliced images […]

HTML Email Design Guidelines

HTML Email Design Guidelines Email Layout Guidelines When designing your own template, please keep the following specifications in mind: Designed HTML email templates should not be wider than 700 pixels. Many email programs are unable to display wider templates properly. Use basic HTML 4.0 when customizing your own email message. The following are discouraged: scripting, […]

Easily Create, Send And Track An Email with Email Networks

Creating An Email  You can create an email by selecting a preexisting template and customizing it, selecting a custom made template, or creating a blank email and customizing it. How to use your own custom HTML to create an email To create a blank email: Click the Messages folder Click Create New Message Click Blank Email to create an email […]

How to Create Mobile Version of an Email Message

Make Your Mobile Email Message Version As more people now regularly view their emails on smart phones and tablets, email rendering on mobile devices has become a crucial part of email marketing success.  Our email system delivers a reduced version of you main email to iPhones and PDA devices unless you create a separate “mobile” […]

Inserting and Editing Images in eMail Networks

Insert and Edit Images In order to insert an image, simply press the  button on the toolbar. Click Browse Server to upload the image to your account.  The Image Properties dialog window that will open lets you set configuration options that define image source, its size, display properties, or other advanced properties.  Image Info The Image Info tab is the […]

Guidelines to Avoid being Marked as SPAM

Avoid Your Emails Being Marked as SPAM General Guidelines to avoid content spam filters Spam filters are very private about why your email passed or failed. They do this to ensure that spammers don’t figure out their techniques. There is typically not one simple change in order to let your email pass by a spam […]