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Email Marketing Bounce Management and Bounce Resolution Compliance

Email Bounce Processing and Bounce Best Practices Compliance  As a user, you cannot control bounces, but it is important that you gain an understanding of what bounces are, how a subscriber’s email address becomes “bounced”,and how the application deals with those bounces. What is an email Bounce? Bounces are messages that ISPs send back to […]

Email Bounce Codes List

While there are many Bounce Codes few are commonly used (noted in bold and orange) 0    Unknown 2    Email Send Error 10    Email address is invalid or not active, no such mailbox exists 20    General Soft Bounce 21    Soft Bounce – DNS Failure 22    Mailbox Full 23    Message Too Large for mailbox recipient 24    Response […]

Guidelines to Avoid being Marked as SPAM

General Guidelines to avoid content spam filters Spam filters are very private about why your email passed or failed. They do this to ensure that spammers don’t figure out their techniques. There is typically not one simple change in order to let your email pass by a spam content filters.  Instead, most filters use a […]

Okay, Here’s the answer on purchased lists – Just say NO

Do not purchase or rent lists. Many purchased, rented or stolen lists contact “honey pot” email addresses maintained by the SPAM filtering organizations. If you sent to these address the organizations send an automated report to all major ISPs and SPAM filtering companies that mark you as a spammer or potential spammer. This flags the […]